I started my journey with design back in high school, where I did yearbook for four years and eventually served as Editor-in-Chief. Although I originally came to Georgia Tech to study biology, I soon found computer science and changed my major within my first year. As much as I loved coding, something was missing. That’s when I switched to Computational Media (CM). It combined my love for both coding and design and allowed me to create projects that I could actually see and interact with. I was allowed to be more creative and enjoy the results of my work.

Once I found CM, I needed to figure out what to do with the degree. I had always loved stories and have done a far amount of creative writing, so I drifted into the realm of interactive narrative. I’ve worked on everything from interactive non-fictional pieces to 2D side-scroller games, all the way to VR experiences. Now, I’m currently doing a bachelor/master’s program at Tech in Digital Media (DM). I plan on finishing my undergrad in May 2019 and my masters in May 2020. The DM program is how I discovered my passion for VR/AR development.

Outside of school and work, I have a passion for horseback riding and often compete at dressage shows across the southeast. I’m also involved in Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech, where I am an instructor and serve as Marketing VP. I’ve served as Director for TEAM Buzz (a day of service at Georgia Tech with 1000+ volunteers) for the past two years. When I manage to find free time, I like to write speculative fiction stories.