With Love, Thunderbird

With Love, Thunderbird is a project I am proposing as my masters project. Work will begin on it this summer with the goal of finalizing it by Spring 2020. The project will be a completely interactive story in VR that tells that tale of a character desperately searching for medicine for another character named Thunderbird, who leaves them messages through a small robotic bird. The user plays as this main character, acting on what the messages from Thunderbird prompt them to do. The setting and plot of the story stem from my undergrad research into Venezuelan science fiction. A humanitarian crisis is currently happening within Venezuelan, making it nearly impossible to location medicine or other basic necessities.

Abstract from my proposal:

VR storytelling currently revolves around the film industry.  Little work has been done in creating fully interactive stories that are propelled by user choices.  With Love, Thunderbird seeks to address this gap by creating a story in which a user searches for seizure medicine for another character named “Thunderbird.” Using the character of Thunderbird propels the story through emotional motivations instead of obvious plot choices, giving more of an immersive feel.   The user’s choices will directly impact what happens in the story.  This project also touches on VR journalism by reflecting the current situation in Venezuela through a science-fiction lens.  Haptic feedback will also be used to create the sensation of a bomb going off, further immersing users in the story.  The overall goal of With Love, Thunderbird to create an emotional response within users that causes them to make various choices and see how far a user will go within this virtual world for a fictional character.